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 Somdej Toh
 Wat Narkgrang
 6.7 cm
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Somdej Phraputtajarn Toh Promarangsri batch "Rum-Ruay" Great wealth luck fortune.

Powerful blessing amulet, bring great wealth luck fortune to the wearer. Bless/chant by guru monks of Thailand.

The amulets beautiful plate with gold, gold trakrut with yans protection wrote attached. Image of Somdej Toh and Luangpu Tuad, the 2 legendary guru monks of Thailand. Powerful blessing.

Somdej Geaw Wat Sragate (working in the place of PhraSunkararth thailand leader of monk council)

Purpose in create these amulet to gain donation to the temple, worship Buddha statue 99 inch knee wide "Luangpor Khonsamermahalarp" The Buddha statue holding an egg emblem of birth.

Many guru monks of Thailand have joined to consecrated bless/chant powerful amulets.

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