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Thailand Amulet
Phra Somdej Amulets from WatRakhang Bangkok - Thailand

Luangpu Nen

Luangpu Nen Kumpeeroh is a famous monk and his holy items is one top chart selling among market, many people use his consecrated amulets to help success in carreer, bring good business fortune, bring charm and attractiveness, good in relationship and kindness love from people. Luangpu Nen is a disciple of Luangpu Promma Kemajaroh, a guru monk. Great ceremony powerful blessing amulets ex. gumarnthong, rorsree, trakrut saliga from Thailand by Luangpu Nen. [ official temple agent ]

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Luangpu Nen amulets
Gumarnthong Duderok b.e.2551
Trakrut Saliga Parkdee batch "Srang Jaydee" b.e.2552
Gumarnthong Statue

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