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Thailand Amulet
Phra Somdej Amulets from WatRakhang Bangkok - Thailand

Luangpor Jumnean

Luangpor Jumnean Wat Tumsur the tiger cave temple. Famous monk of Thailand. Luangpor Jumnean's amulets are famous worldwide, blessing strong wealth/luck fortune, protection from dangers/misfortune, evils/darkness haunted spirits. Luangpor Jumnean visit many countries ex. Laos, Burma, Cambudia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China to do purify haunted spirits. He is a well-known powerful guru monk of Thailand

The Best of Thailand Buddha Amulets.

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Luangpor Jumnean amulets
Luangpor Jumnean metta mahalarp B.E.2551
Luangpor Jumnean Tiger Payan blessing mantra
Luangpor Jumnean Thousand hands Guanyin

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