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Thailand Amulet
Phra Somdej Amulets from WatRakhang Bangkok - Thailand

Luangpu Garlong

Luangpu Garlong is powerful guru monk of Thailand, his amulets are unique style. Famous and strong blessing bring strong wealth luck fortune, protection. Recommend and one best of Thailand amulets. Luangpu Garlong is guru monk of Thailand, he passed away on b.e.2552(2009), his holy items are very famous and people wear/worship world-wide. Here is the best collections of Luangpu Garlong's holy items, no remake/copies or fake. 100% directed from Luangpu Garlong blessed/chanted by the master himself from the ceremony. ( Official Temple Agent.)

The Best of Thailand Buddha Amulets.

Click here for History of Luangpu Garlong Wat Kaolam

Luangpu Garlong amulets
Luangpu Garlong batch "Phra Sunkajai" B.E.2550
Luangpu Garlong batch "Jakrapat Narai" B.E.2551
Luangpu Garlong rein "LpGarlong PhraPikaned" B.E.2551
Luangpu Garlong Tigers 5 Power "Builded 10th church" b.e.2551
Luangpu Garlong Buddha Narkprok "Builded 10th church" b.e.2551
Luangpu Garlong TaoVessuwan b.e.2552
Luangpu Garlong Payan Blessing Mantra
Luangpu Garlong Hand Foot print payan
Luangpu Garlong statues

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