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 LpPreng Trakrut Saliganumjun
 Wat Toongkru
 3.9 cm
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Luangpu Preng

Trakrut Saliga Numjun(Moon water Saliga Trakrut) are neat handmade yans spells protection written by Luangpu Preng, chanting the trakrut's mantra protection while hold the breath then roll while chanting again to keep the power within, handmade robe over the trakrut then cover with real gold. Saliga the charm birds blessing, anyone see one wear this trakrut will love with kindness and respect, chanting in the drinking alcohol moon water until the water become insipid. This is how to made good trakrut since the old time. Very powerful protection and prove effective.

Luangpu Preng Narorchar Vajasith 107 years old (B.E.2551)

One respectful old guru monk of Thailand, even PhraBuddhajaoluang PhraPiyamahararth King Rama 5th visited doing dana with Luangpu Preng. The great guru monk for 5 reigns and a disciple of 3 Somdej. Somdej PhraSunkararth (Pae) WatSutat, Somdej PhraWunarut (Heng) WatMahatarth, Somdej PhraBuddhakosarjarn (Jarern) WatKaobarngtrai. Given first rank of PhraKru by King Rama 7th at an age only 31 years old.

Luangpu Preng, one old time guru monk. Success Parean4(Dharma education) in the King Rama 6th's reign, ordained with Somdej PhraWunarut (Heng) of WatMahatarth, continue his dharma studied with Somdej Sukararth Pae at WatSutat bangkok and the 3rd master SomdejPhraBuddhakosarjarn(Jarern) who's also the master of Jaokhun Nor from WatThepsirin. When he was a junior monk, he spended his time studied with Luangpu Sook from Wat Pakrongmakarmtao the guru master of magic spells. Studied Gumatarn-Vipassana meditation from Luangpu Pu WatvIntraviharn, the disciple of Somdej Phraputtajarn Toh Promarangsri. (Gummatarn-Vipassana meditation grant one the long life expand). Luangpu Preng also studied from Luangpor Derm WatNohngpoh and Luangpor Puang WatNonggradhong of Nakhonsawan. At present, the hundred years guru monk are famous, spended his whole life in the monk hood with strict dharma practise, well-known as one respectful monk of Thailand. His amulets are precious, strong blessing and recommend.

1) Luangpu Sook WatPhrakrong Makarmtao. Luangpu Preng born at Uthaithani province, at the time around the province, all thai buddhism known well how famous Luangpu Sook is. Since Luangpu Preng was a junior monks, he spended his time studied by Luangpu Sook. Luangpu Sook chant "Na Ror Char" mantra to his head as one of his disciple acceptance.

2) Somdej PhraSunkararth Pae of Wat Sutatthepvarararm, Luangpu Preng's 2nd master. He spended his monk hood time(21+years old senior monk hood) studied at WatSutat and WatMahatarth.

3) PhraKru Dhumanugoon Luangpu Pu WatIntraviharn. A disciple of Somdej Toh WatRakhang. By coincidence Luangpu Preng went to his temple with his monk friend to ask from WatIn's amulets. Luangpu Pu then tought him how to meditation with amulet by gummatarn-vipassana meditation. Luangpu Preng himself mastered the practise, his life expand like any guru monks of Thailand who well versed in meditation.

4) This is an important monk. Somdej PhraWunarut (Heng) Kemajaree of WatMahatarth. He is PhraAupputcha(one who will ordain others) of Luangpu Preng. He is the most respectful master of Luangpu Preng, like a father he tought Luangpu Preng everythings in his whole life of monk hood.

5) Luangpor Puang WatNonggradhong, famous old time master of Nakhonsawan, decades of years olders than Luangpor Derm. When Luangpu Preng become a master, he went to Tartago area to teach Bali language, he also visit Luangpor Puang's temple to learn spells knownledge. When Luangpor Puang decide to become at abbot at WatLardyow, he pass away and luangpu preng continue to become an abbot. All villagers called him the 2nd Luangpor Puang. Luangpor Puang are very famous, his amulets at present cost $900-$3,500 usd.

6) Somdej Phrabuddhakosarjarn (Jarern) WatThepsirin or Somdej Na WatKaobarngtrai. He is PhraAupputcha of Jaokhun Nor WatThepsirin. the 3rd Somdej rank teacher of Luangpu Preng. Luangpu Preng mentioned that he is one truly stict monk with discipline.

7) When Luangpu Preng move to stay at Nakhonsawan province. There's one monk, tall body with white hairs, this monk easy come easy gone, he came to teach Luangpu Preng about meditation's technic, all dharma teaching to enlighten. There are many miracles occured while studied with him. Luangpu Preng never known what his name was, but only known he's enlightened and lived since the start of buddhist religon in thailand. Later when he see this photo, he realise the same look, image of Luangpu Theplokudon. The legendary monk which his spirit live for eternal, for the one who's ready up to the level, he would come to help.

Image of Luangpu Preng powerful bless/chant amulets the batch "Na Ror Cha Vajasith 107 years old"

Powerful blessing and recommend. The best of Thailand amulets.

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