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 LpDang PhyaGaigaw wealth fortune
 Wat Huaychalong
 4.5x5 cm
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Luangpu Dang Wat Huaychalong

Luangpu Dang Duangsretthi (Billionair fortune) 92 years old(B.E.2551) bless/chant powerful PhyaGaigaw Kan-Reak-Sub, the Cock king calling wealth, the amulet filled with Luangpu Dang's wealth fortune mantra, beautiful created.

Blessing life with good spirit and miracle, thailand holy item bless/chant by monks powerful spell and knowledge from the right ceremony. Luangpu Dang Duangsretthi is one respectful guru monk of Thailand, his amulet enchant wealth billionair fortune to the person, famous and well-known for a long time.

Luangpu Dang born 5 April B.E.2459 Friday, son of Ploi and Kuang at Nartarod village. His personality is unique, not like any young age but mature, he like to visit temple since his childhood time to chanting mantra infront of the Buddha statue and meditation, in his life he's alway loved by his parents and friends, alway conducting good karma. As fate, he become a junior monk at 15 years old and senior monk at 20 at Wat Chornglom Autaradith province.

Luangpu Dang learned vipassana-gumatarn meditation from Luangpor Srai, his phraaupattacha one who ordained him. His knownledge spell had learn from him and pass down from Luangpor Srai's matra which is Luangpor Huab, a powerful magic monk from Laos. This is called Vicha "Gaigaw Gok Luk", with evidence this knowledge spell recorded in the scroll since the King Larnthong of Laos which is 700+ years old and craft into the pagoda with the mantra. The amulet Gaigaw wealth fortune mantra can say that is one good old amulet with ancient spells.

People found them similar to Vicha "Gaitearn" by Somdej PhraSunkararth Sook (Gaitearn) the master of Somdej Toh WatRakhang(200 years ago in the reign of King Rama 1-2), only a few part of mantra are differnt. "Ve Ta Sa Gu Gu Sa Te Va, Ta Ya Sa Ta Ta Sa Ya Ta, Sa Sa Thi Gu Gu Thi Sa Sa, Gu Ta Gu Gu Pu Gu Ta Gu"like Gu and Goo, still this prove the knowledge spell are from the same master, there are no need for wearer to chant again, the amulet have become consecrated by Luangpu Dang, they're already effective. At least those who can chanted amulet to become powerful and effective in reality, they must success up to yana class 4 meditation.

Somdej PhraSunkararth Sook mentioned this mantra spell in his book, said that anyone who can meditation with this mantra for 6 months, it will increasing their karma, wisdom and the blessing from god/devas. They will have full wisdom and fast learning from any scrolls.

Gaigaw the cock king is an emblem of confidence and successful, cock fight alway hold in thailand 1200+ of years since the reign of Queen Jamatavee, the queen would keep her beautiful cock statue for the great karma, wealth and respect from people. This is one best of enchant wealth fortune holy item provide at Powerful and recommend.

Powerful bless/chant ceremony by 3 guru monks of Thailand.

Luangpu Garlong / Luangpu Dang / Luangpu Aun

Brothers and friends visited the ceremony.

Luangpu Dang blessing the young for good safe fortune.

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